Be curious, create new things and live your life like it is your last day.

Gertruida Zielstra - Heldring - Grandmother

When I was a little boy my grandmother took every grandchild to several amazing places over the world.

Her message; “Always be curious, create new things and live your best life”. She lived these sayings herself. She traveled until her 87th and kept painting until she died at an age of 96. She lived every day as if it was her last. I deeply admired that about her.

The wanderlust in other places, cultures, smells, and tastes in the world grew and grew. I felt the world was there to be seen and felt, so I started traveling at age 17. I wandered around in Europe, Asia, Oceania, and North-Amerika, with friends and alone. Seeing, but mainly feeling the world, gave me so much.

The world and the people around it are so intriguing. I felt the urge to capture these feelings and wonders for myself and others. This grew into a passion for creating more than ‘just’ photos. Writing poems and stories became the next puzzle piece.

Meanwhile, I surrounded myself with other creative beings. The freedom of being expressive in a creative process, alone or together, is priceless. When the synergy flows it gives loads of fun and fulfillment.

My grandmother made me live her saying. She gave the example and I am proud to follow. Just grabbing life by the horns and trying to do what I love most; photographing.