Twins de Kam

This project is about the sisterhood that the sisters share and the beauties of being a twin, but also the downsides.


These pictures were all taken late at night and shot with artificial lighting.

Beforehand, we made a moodboard to show the models the style and look we wanted to create. We wanted an edgy, pronounced, and quirky style with mainly black clothing, and silver details.

We wanted to capture both the ups and downsides of being a twin. The upside was the powerful friendship between twins, and never being alone during your childhood.

Although, the comparison and the expectations from others. When she does this, why doesn’t she? That was bad. Who is in focus? That was my question when tried to pictures the two.

Photography & Director:
1st AC:

Eduard van Wijk
Marijn van Nunen
Eduard van Wijk
Eva de Kam & Sofie de Kam
Chiara Sriram
Eva de Kam & Sofie de Kam
Cas Zanen

“Who is in focus?”

Eduard van Wijk